Thursday, February 25, 2010

Go Texan Day

Tomorrow is Go Texan Day.  For those who do not live in Houston, this is the kick-off of the Houston Rodeo.  Almost every company and school in town (and the neighboring cities) celebrate this "holiday".  Any guesses on how we celebrate?  We deck out in our best Texan gear of course!

Normally I try to be a very frugal person and plan ahead for days like this.  However, this year I was very much behind the curve.  I did not realize my new department has a team competition based on how "Texan" our outfits are.  Now there was a time in college when I had a wardrobe of this attire.  However, this was many years and many pounds ago.  Normally I just use this day as an excuse not to wear a suit and to wear jeans.  However, not this year.

If I had planned properly, I would have been looking for correct attire (hat, boots, and a great shirt) at garage sales last fall.  Instead I spent the weekend going from Goodwill to Goodwill.  I did find a shirt and jacket that I think will work well.  I will be wearing my husband's boots and I have a few friends bringing hats for me to borrow tomorrow.  Needless to say I am hoping to not hinder my team too much!

Also, I should have been shopping for my girls.  I know that each school has a western day on Go Texan Day.  If I had properly planned I could have two girls completely decked out for little money.  Maybe next year I will plan a little better!

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Setting My Compass said...

Ok - update after today. I received many compliments on my outfit and my look. I did not place first with any of the voters, however our team won so I am thinking my outfit did well. However, I am already planning next year so I can finish my outfit and get some first place votes. I am now on the lookout for:
A hat
Women's boots
Pair of cowboy jeans (I just wore my normal jeans)

I realize this is a lot but I figure I have a year to find it at the prices I want to pay (next to nothing!!!)