Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time to Tighten the Finance Belt and get Frugal

As I sit here on my computer working on coupons (ie: procrastinating by reading frugal blogs) my wonderful husband is inputting all of our December Christmas damage into Quicken. Oh dear. It seems 2010 will be the year of tightening the belts - both financially and literally.

I am going to spend the next few days figuring out a game plan for each and will post them as I get something together. That way I will be held accountable. It seems I enjoyed buying the Christmas gifts so much I could not stop. Kind of like when I have a bag of chips......

So even though I am drooling over the rumors that Target has gone to 75% markdowns on Christmas and some toys, I have to admit there is nothing we need. So I will be leaving my wallet at home tomorrow when I go to work. I do not want to tempt a lunch time run!!!

Stay tuned as I will be posting my frugal diet and my normal diet plans to try and stay accountable to them!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Non Frugal Shopping Experience

Here is the perfect example of a non-Frugal shopping experience and what you do not want to do!!!

We changed our New Year's plans at the last minute and decided to go to a more kid friendly party. I saw my friend leaving work and asked if we could bring anything (his wife had said no the night before). He got a smile on his face and asked if I could bring a dip I had made last year.

Opps - I did not think of that. So at 10:00 tonight I ran to the store to pick up the items I did not have (almost all of them) and $20.00 later left the store depressed and swearing never to leave my house without coupons - again.

Coupons are a big part of what I do to save money. However, I need to remember that shopping and planning ahead will also help me stay frugal!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Frugal Find for butterfly birthday invitations

I will admit that I only think of the 99 Cent store when I think of frugal shopping at Dollar stores. This is due to two reasons: I go almost every Sunday for extra papers for coupons and one of the cashiers (Kathy) knows my daughters by name.

However, this week I was reminded that there are great frugal finds at Dollar Tree as well. For the last 6 months my daughter has said she wants a butterfly themed party. While at Target this past weekend I priced butterfly cards (they did not have invitations) and about fell over at the $8 price for 8 cards. We are inviting 20 kids (long story).

So I did a search for Butterfly invitations and saw Dollar Tree. I figured why not. I bought three packs of butterfly invitations, 2 packages of butterfly plates, 2 butterfly table centerpieces and a purple table cloth for just over $8.00. They also have mylar balloons for $1.00!!! I am so excited (as is my daughter) about this frugal find!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Prepping for the New Year

As I start prepping for the New Year and setting my resolutions/goals, I figure I will start with me. Why not :)

Three areas I want to work on this year are my fitness/health, time with my husband, and time with friends. (Before you ask where my children are - they are number 1. They currently get all my free time which is why these areas have been neglected).

My fitness and health - I really believe if I get into better shape and start eating better then I will have more energy to get things done. Easier said than done, however in January (with the doctor's ok) I will be starting up boot camp again. Now I just need to have my eating habits follow.

Time with my husband - Last year we did a really good job of having lunch together once a week. However, we somehow fell out of that habit and I am really looking forward to getting back into it this year.

Time with friends - I am blessed with a very close friend who has daughters the same age as mine. We are able to get together a few times a month with the girls, but we don't spend much time catching up as we are chasing the little ones. We have decided on a once a month girls night. At some point the group may get larger, however right now we want something simple so it will be the two of us having dinner or drinks catching up with out the chasing.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Intro to me

Welcome one and all to my blog and my attempt to make life easier and better for my family and myself.

I am a working mother, wife, daughter, and friend. Many days I feel pulled in all of these directions due to the choices I make. I have decided this year to live more frugal while finding ways to make my life more efficient and less chaotic so I can spend quality time with what matters – my family and friends. Who says I can’t have everything???

I am sure at this point you are trying to figure out my title “Setting My Compass”. Just like a compass has four main directions, my life seems to have four main directions. Depending on the day of the week, the time of the day, or even which fire is burning the strongest dictates which direction I am headed. However, now it is time for me to decide which direction I want to go in and (except for those out of control fires that have to be taken care of immediately). So it is time for me to Set My Compass!!!

I believe each of us is pulled different directions based on our individual lives. Currently my four directions are:
- Me
- My family
- Work
- Life Balance (currently my household)

Each post will be centered on one of these main areas depending on what needs I am working on at that point. At some point I want to be more organized and have my blog more organized. However, since I have never done this, I have no idea how it will work out.

What you can expect on a regular basis starting off are posts regarding living frugal and smart as I try to find deals to get the most out of our money and trying to organize my time as I am looking for short cuts to start the year off right. I will be blogging the good with the bad as I make my way through this year of organization.