Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Non Frugal Shopping Experience

Here is the perfect example of a non-Frugal shopping experience and what you do not want to do!!!

We changed our New Year's plans at the last minute and decided to go to a more kid friendly party. I saw my friend leaving work and asked if we could bring anything (his wife had said no the night before). He got a smile on his face and asked if I could bring a dip I had made last year.

Opps - I did not think of that. So at 10:00 tonight I ran to the store to pick up the items I did not have (almost all of them) and $20.00 later left the store depressed and swearing never to leave my house without coupons - again.

Coupons are a big part of what I do to save money. However, I need to remember that shopping and planning ahead will also help me stay frugal!!!

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