Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Frugal Find for butterfly birthday invitations

I will admit that I only think of the 99 Cent store when I think of frugal shopping at Dollar stores. This is due to two reasons: I go almost every Sunday for extra papers for coupons and one of the cashiers (Kathy) knows my daughters by name.

However, this week I was reminded that there are great frugal finds at Dollar Tree as well. For the last 6 months my daughter has said she wants a butterfly themed party. While at Target this past weekend I priced butterfly cards (they did not have invitations) and about fell over at the $8 price for 8 cards. We are inviting 20 kids (long story).

So I did a search for Butterfly invitations and saw Dollar Tree. I figured why not. I bought three packs of butterfly invitations, 2 packages of butterfly plates, 2 butterfly table centerpieces and a purple table cloth for just over $8.00. They also have mylar balloons for $1.00!!! I am so excited (as is my daughter) about this frugal find!

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