Monday, December 28, 2009

Prepping for the New Year

As I start prepping for the New Year and setting my resolutions/goals, I figure I will start with me. Why not :)

Three areas I want to work on this year are my fitness/health, time with my husband, and time with friends. (Before you ask where my children are - they are number 1. They currently get all my free time which is why these areas have been neglected).

My fitness and health - I really believe if I get into better shape and start eating better then I will have more energy to get things done. Easier said than done, however in January (with the doctor's ok) I will be starting up boot camp again. Now I just need to have my eating habits follow.

Time with my husband - Last year we did a really good job of having lunch together once a week. However, we somehow fell out of that habit and I am really looking forward to getting back into it this year.

Time with friends - I am blessed with a very close friend who has daughters the same age as mine. We are able to get together a few times a month with the girls, but we don't spend much time catching up as we are chasing the little ones. We have decided on a once a month girls night. At some point the group may get larger, however right now we want something simple so it will be the two of us having dinner or drinks catching up with out the chasing.

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