Friday, February 12, 2010

Free Family Fun - Watching the Olympics

As a recovering tv junkie, I nomally try to keep tv viewing to a minimum.  Especially when the girls are awake.  However, that will be different over the next 17 days.  It is time for the Olympics and I love the Olympics.  If nothing else, watching the Winter Olympics gives me a chance to see snow and sports I would never see living in Texas!

Seriously though, even for non sports fanatics, the Olympics is a great thing to watch with your family.
 - You are supporting your Country and those who are representing it.  When was the last time you chanted USA, USA, USA?  You should try it.  It is fun and brings a huge smile to the face.
 - You can use the athletes as examples of hard work and dedication
 - During the Opening March you can talk about all the countries and the flags.  My oldest was very interested in why some countries had only one person and others had many more.
 - There is such a wide range of sports that most of us may not see in our normal lives.

Plus I know my daughters will love the ice skating!!!

I also want to express my sadness to the Georgian Team and the family and friends of Nodar Kumaritashvili for their loss today. 

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