Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day

Do you have any big plans for Valentine's Day Weekend?  I do.  Atleast they are big for me.  My husband and I are going out to dinner on Saturday night with some friends.  While to some this may not sound like a big deal, however I forgot to mention - we are going childless!  We have only been out a few times without children since our last was born 15 months ago.  And I can not remember the last time we went out with friends without the children.   

So what are we doing with the children?  Our oldest is going to Parent's Night Out where she takes gymnastics.  It is a great deal in our mind.  For $15 she will be participating in gymnastics and activities for a few hours and then relazing watching a movie for the last hour or two before we pick her up.  Yes, the $15 covers 4 hours of entertainment for her.  Plus, she will be going with atleast three if not five of her friends from the street.  My MIL is being wonderful as usual and watching our youngest.  My goal is to have her asleep before I leave the house on Sat night.

We are not sure where we are going, but none of us really care.  Instead we are all looking forward to a few hours of spending time together and relaxing and not having to chase our kids!

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