Thursday, February 4, 2010

Frugal week or not a frugal week

At the beginning of the year I was trying some new things to help save some money and become a little more frugal. The first was I wanted to reduce some of my not needed purchases. I was doing ok until Target had their 75% sale. Well, you have seen the pictures....
Then I set the goal of only eating at work two days a week. I have done killer on that. I had been averaging $5 to $10 a week in our cafeteria. That is until this week. For some reason this week I have not been able to get my breakfasts and lunches together. My dinners did not give me the best of leftover selection and I seemed to have a lazy week and could not pull anything else together.
So I am already planning to get back on board next week:
1) Cook larger meals to increase leftovers
2) Premake a loaf of PB&J sandwiches and place them in the freezer (yes this does work very well - they thaw out by lunch)
3) Give myself an extra 10 minutes each evening to pack the breakfasts (just milk as I leave box of cereal at work) and lunches.

I think I am going to be able to do this, if I can just find that extra 10 minutes..... Anyone else have any other ideas?

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