Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why you need to know what is in your stockpile

Until today I felt like I had rebuilt my pantry stockpile to a respectable level.  However, my oldest daughter would disagree. 

Here is a little history.  In September, I came down with multiple viruses.  It had something about doing too much and not taking care of myself.  By October I was wiped, and grocery shopping did not occur except for necessities.  It was great to be able to do this, but it was the first time I could see shelves in my pantry in months which was very weird.

Since December (when I start shopping again), I have been trying to rebuild my stockpile. 

Fast forward back to today.  My daughter stayed home from daycare today due to a stomach virus (God Bless my MIL!!!!).  My daughter only ate a few bites of toast all day.  I left a message for my MIL saying I would be late coming home from work, since I wanted to stop by HEB for the cheap shrimp deal, and to make chicken noodle soup for dinner so my daughter could try and eat.  So far so good right.  That is what I was thinking, as I have a full two rows of soups.  All different kinds of soups, even chicken and stars.  However, there was no chicken noodle. 

I did not learn this until after I had left the HEB parking lot.  The only store between my car and home was Walgreen's.  So, $4.00 and three cans of soup later, my daughter got her chicken noodle soup.

The lesson I learned - there is no such thing as too much chicken noodle soup in the house!!!  What is the one item you need to make sure you have plenty of in your house?

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