Sunday, February 21, 2010


Remember the excitement of getting the mail from the mailbox each day growing up? I remember it, but until recently I only felt dread or boredom getting my mail. Between the bills and the junk mail, why get excited. Since I started doing rebates and actively looking for freebies worth my effort, I now have found that excitement. Here is a list of some of the items I have gotten this year so far:

Free 1 yr subscription to Shape
Free 1 yr subscription to Weight Watchers
Free 1 yr subscription to Working Mother (or atleast I have requested it and have all my fingers crossed I will start getting it!!)

SC Johnson $10
Kellogg’s $10
Caregiver’s Market Place $24.75
Staples over $100 in rebates and Cash Back
I have just started the rebates and I am hooked. I am hoping to keep up the effort as some of them are really worth the effort!

FYI - Everything I purchase is within my monthly budget.  The rebate money will either go back into the budget to help on a month where I need some help or it will go to our vacation fund as we are saving for Disney in 2011!!!

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