Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Frugal New Year

So the New Year has started and I am really trying to make it a frugal one!!! This is also the time that everyone sets resolutions and goals. Do you have yours in mind? I do, but I have not had the time to write them out. The reason is I want to make sure you can track and attain them.

Now why would I want to do that - better chance of meeting them. I do want to save money and lose weight. However, how much do I want to lose and how much do I want to save. Those are the questions in my mind right now. Also, how am I going to do it??? Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will have answers.

Before I sign off tonight I want to remind all my frugal readers to finish filling out your Caregivers Marketplace rebates for 2009. They need to be postmarked by Jan 31st and if you are like me - you have not started. On the other hand, I will like that check when it gets here in a month or two. Also they have added 2010 to their website, but warning before you read it - no Huggies products.... There goes our rebate next year.

Happy New Year and start working on your goals for this year. Maybe next year we will be organized enough to have them done prior to the New Year ringing in!


Jennifer From Caregivers Marketplace said...

Thanks for reminding your readers to send in their 2009 receipts/forms before 1/31/10. We wouldn't want anyone to miss out if they've been saving up all year!

Also, yes, it's true, the maker of Huggies decided not to offer rebates as part of Caregivers Marketplace in 2010. But I do want to make you aware that we are developing a similar rebate program just for parents! We do not yet know which brands will decide to participate but we hope to design a rebate program with the right baby and child care items that fit your needs.

So, I am curious...what baby and child care items would you (and your readers) like to see eligible for rebates?


Setting My Compass said...

Jennifer - I am sorry it took so long to get back to you. I am disappointed that Huggies decided not to offer the rebates this year, as my daughters like their diapers. On the other hand, a similar program for parents has me very excited!

I would love to see diapers/wipes (as we are always buying them)! I know a lot of people who would also apprecitate formula rebates. My daughters are past that stage, but formula adds up quickly!
Some other items I would like to see are: diaper ointment (Burt's Bees Wax or Dr. Smith's would be great since they never have coupons), vitamins (my daughter loves the Disney ones - no shock there), band-aids, Children's Tylenol, and bottle items like drop-ins and bags for nursing moms.
I hope I did not add too much to my wish-list but the thought of having a parent program got me very excited!