Saturday, January 2, 2010

Menu Planning

One of the best ways to stay on budget and help the waistline is to utilize menu planning. A few months ago I had no idea what this meant or how to do it. However, as I learned how easy it is, I am really addicted. All it takes is deciding what you want to eat for the week over the weekend. This way you can get you know what you need at the grocery store before the week starts and your ready to go.

This reduces the fast food trips on the way home from work, the last minute (expensive) trips to the grocery store, and living on the same boring recipes week after week (what I am very guilty of).

Over the last month or so I have gotten away from them and fallen back into some old (bad) habits. So to start the year, I am back to menu planning. I will try to post every Sat as inspiration for you to get yours done before the weekend starts. Here it goes:

Sun - Grill hamburgers and hot dogs, green beans, corn
Mon - DD gymnastics so hopefully I will plan ahead and bring sandwiches so we don't get fast food
Tue - Ravioli, steamed veggies
Wed - Crock pot chicken, Spanish rice, black beans
Thur - Activity at work (that involves food)
Fri - Grilled Salmon with left over rice and veggies

A few good things about this menu:
1) Easy meals to cook after dinner
2) Wide range of food
3) Most meals will have leftovers for lunches for DH and myself
4) I had everyone of these items already!!!

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