Thursday, January 14, 2010

Target 75% Clearance

I am on the Target Toys 75% clearance hunt. What about you?

Ok - so I said I was going to be good this week and I am trying very hard. I have made great progress with bringing my food to work. However, I can't resist 75% off!

I went today to see if the Target by work had marked their toys down yet, but no luck. Since I left work for an early lunch to check, I figured I would see if I could find anything else on sale. I found a pile of girls shirts marked to $1.74. And as luck would have it there were the right size for my daughter for next year. I also found a really cute leotard for just over $8.00 (it was such a hit, she wanted to sleep in it tonight and was disappointed that I wanted to wash it before gymnastics tomorrow).

So I am still on the hunt and I hope you are having better luck than I am. On the other hand - I am very happy with the shirts and my daughter is beyond thrilled with the leotard!

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