Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Randall's Frozen Food Month

I normally shop at Kroger, but it is Randall's Frozen Food Month (but $25 of specially marked items get $10 off your next purchase).  It is not as good as last year, but my freezer has way too much room right now, so I am trying to take advantage of it.  Here are my two transactions from last night:
Transaction 1:
12 Weight Watcher's Smart Choice Meals at 2/$5.00
Used an IP coupon for $5/10 (not sure of the link but there is also a $3/10 in 1/31 RP)
Used Get 1 free SC breakfast with the purchase of 5 (RP 1/31)
Used Get 1 free Flatbread Sanwich with the purchase of 5 (RP 1/31)
TTL is $20 with IP ($23 w/insert) get $10 off next purchase

Transaction 2:
Bought 4 Contessa Meals (at $5.99 each)
Bought 2 Green Giant boxed veggies (at $1.68 each)
used $2.00 Contessa coupons (I can't remember which insert) and Green Giant insert and EQ
TTL was about $6 with coupons and the $10 cat from the 1st transaction and I got another cat

I don't believe the Green Giant is still that price, but there are plenty of other fillers and don't forget your coupons and your EQ's from shortcuts and cellfire.

Tonight and tomorrow night I am getting together more coupons for another trip before the weekend starts and if I can stay organized, I will let you know what I get. 
Happy Randall's Shopping!!!

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