Sunday, March 7, 2010

Menu Planning Madness

Menu Planning Madness

I want to start this entry with a huge success from last Friday.  I made a shrimp pizza.  My original intentions were to make the crust from scratch as well as make the pizza.  However, I got busy and could not find a way to get it done and get the pizza made and have us eat before 10:00 pm, so I cheated and used Pillsbury refridgerated pizza crust.  So here is what I did:

Sauted cooked shrimp, green peppers, and red onions in olive oil, garlic powder, and basil.  Then on the pizza crust I added a little spaghetti sauce (had some left over), the sauted items, and then covered with italian cheeses.  I baked it based on the instructions on the Pillsbury packaging.  Then I took my another pizza crust and brushed on olive oil and covered with cheese to make cheesy bread.  My MIL's response "You can cook this every Friday night during Lent.  Actually you can cook this every Friday night".  I love when my experiments go right!!!

Here is this week's Menu:
Sunday - Brats, Salad, and Mac and Cheese
Monday - Something light due to gymnastics
Tuesday - Taco Salad and refried beans
Wednesday - Sandwiches before soccer
Thursday - Pork Tenderloin, Mashed Potatoes, Green Veggies
Friday - Trying to decide between shrimp pizza again or lazy man's lasagna
Saturday - Hamburgers, veggies on the grill (I am hoping to go to a local Farmer's Market)
Sunday - Roast a chicken in hopes for good leftovers!

Leftovers is something I am working on this week.  I did not have good leftovers for lunches last week, and we bought too many at work!  I am going to really try and cook enough each meal for each of us to have lunch atleast once!!!

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