Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finding time to Exercise

Or maybe I should title this "Finding time to catch up with friends".

Two of my big struggles are finding time to exercise and finding time to catch up with friends.  However on Monday night I was reminded of a way to do both.  A great friend of mine and I have decided to start walking twice a week.  We would love to do it more, but there are only so many hours in a day.  We met at 9:00 pm and walked for almost an hour.  I was amazed at easy it was to walk at a brisk pace when you are catching up with a friend. 

Even though we see each other a few times a  month, it is usually during playdates.  This was our time to talk about what ever we wanted and we did!!  When I got home, my husband asked what we talked about and there were so many random topics he just smiled and nodded. 

I had posted this on my facebook status and one of friends who is a trainer in Austin responded with "I tell my clients this all the time! Even chatting on your cell makes the time go by much faster." 

What a great idea.  Do you have a friend (or two) that you really want a good 30 minute conversation once to twice a week?  Schedule a walking date.  Even if they don't live close - we all have cell phones.  Just grab your tennis shoes and your cell phone (or your friend) and head out walking!  Thanks Karen!!!

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